“This too, will pass”


Courtesy to Staff

We understand very well the pressures and stress people are under at this time in relation to getting vaccinated. In Slievemore General Practice, we are all doing our very best to accommodate as many people as possible in the most efficient way. Our staff have been working very hard in this regard. We unfortunately have continued to experience abuse of our reception staff, who are under great pressure at the moment. Each and every one of them has been unwavering in their commitment to provide a continued medical service during this pandemic at considerable risk to themselves and their families. While we have always welcomed constructive feedback, complaints and suggestions, we are not prepared to tolerate abuse of our staff, and may, in extreme circumstances, be unable to provide ongoing care for people who we feel are unreasonable in this regard. If anyone has a serious complaint, the people to complain to are the doctors, and not the reception staff.

Online Booking has been suspended for now, as we have no vaccines left.

If you have previously received an invitation by Txt or email to book online, but haven’t done so, our assumption will be that you either do not want a vaccine, or that you have already been vaccinated, and we will not necessarily be contacting you again. If this is not the case, and you still want to be considered for our Category 4 or Category 7 cases, then please register your interest by filling self-identifying (see below on this page). Please only do this if you have received an invitation, and not acted on it.

The vaccine roll out is completed for now and we have no remaining vaccines. We expect our vaccination for Category 7s (and any residual Category 4s) to occur between the 30th May and the 3rd June (exact dates to be confirmed later.). We strongly advise that peopel get vaccinated wherever they can, and the Mass Vaccination Clinics are likely to be faster than us. You can self-identify for Category 7 as below. Please do read the qualifying criteria before sending us an email to avoid disappointment. We have many people applying, who are not in Category 4 and 7. We will have no confirmation of the number we are going to get before the end of the month. Furthermore we will not be sending appointments to people who would prefer one vaccine to another. This is not a criteria for Category 7, and is specifically against Government policy.


The Government announced on 27/4/21 that it was advocating vaccination for pregnant women between the gestation of 14 weeks and 32 weeks, after consultation with their obstetrician. As yet, there is no plan in place to implement this. Whether these vaccinations will be done in the maternity hospital, or in general practice, or elsewhere has not been communicated to us. We will update this section as soon as we have relevant information.

FOR PEOPLE UNDER 70 and CATEGORIES 4 AND 7 PATIENTS (at significant risk).

The HSE guidelines re Category 4 and Category 7, are available here – – Provisional Vaccine Allocation Groups (

Age Group 60+.

People aged over 60, are to be vaccinated in the Government Mass Vaccination Clinics, and General Practice will have no roll in this cohort. This includes people who may fit into Category 4 or Category 7. These clinics are proceeding at a fast pace. Slievemore Clinic will not be able to vaccinate anyone in this age bracket as we are not going to get vaccines for them. All patients in this age group should register on the online portal at or ring the HSE appointment line.

Age Group 18-59 Categories 4 and 7

We will have a limited number of vaccines to give to patients in Category 4 and Category 7 of the HSE criteria. Please check the link to see the various conditions covered. – – Provisional Vaccine Allocation Groups (

We will select people preferentially who fit into the specific categories. (Please note that ‘hypertension’ is not the same as ‘hypertensive heart disease’, and asthma inhalers are not ‘systemic steroids’). 

We will search our records to identify people in these lists and update this website with our progress. Self identifying can also be done, as below.


We will set up Clinic(s) when we know the numbers of vaccinations we are going to receive and when we are going to receive them.  Apart from those limited numbers, there are no planned vaccination clinics to be done in General Practice in the foreseeable future. We strongly advise patients to register for the Mass Vaccination Clinics, when eligible, to avoid delay. Registering for the Mass Vaccination Clinics will not disqualify you from our Clinics and is likely in many cases to  get you vaccinated earlier.

Patients Eligible for Categories 4 and 7.

People in the 18-59 Age group, who are eligible for Category 4 or Category 7 may be invited to attend for vaccination, depending on qualifying criteria, and supply levels.  Clinics for these groups will be held in May and June (dates to be finalised). We will try to identify from our records people who qualify, but people are also invited to self-identify, if they feel they qualify.


How can I self-identify?

Firstly, you need to be aged below 60.
Secondly, you must be a current patient (seen in the last 3 years) of Slievemore General Practice. We have not enough vaccines for our own patients , so we will not be including any new patients in our vaccination Clinics.

If you then feel that you are eligible for inclusion you can send an email to stating clearly

Your Name

Your Date of Birth

Please roughly indicate why you feel you fit in to either Category 4 or 7.

There is no need for any extensive details, as we will probably be well aware of your history from your medical records. A simple email will do, such as

” My name is John Smith, 1/1/76. I feel I am eligible for Category 7 because I suffer from Chronic Renal Failure.”

Apart from the auto-answer, there will be no feedback on these emails, before the 25th May at the earliest, and there will be no feedbback at all if we haven’t a vaccine for you. We are sorry, but we are innondated with emails, and cannot respond to each one.


It is important to know that these clinics will not only be limited by medical criteria, but they will be limited by supplies of vaccines. There is only a limited supply of vaccines available for General Practice.  We reserve the right to select those we feel are the most vulnerable.  We will be concentrating on Category 4a first.

****Because of the uncertainty of supplies, there is specifically no guarantee that even if you meet the criteria, that you will be invited.****  

Criteria can be reviewed on the following link:- – Provisional Vaccine Allocation Groups (

There may be opportunities for patients in these categories to get their vaccines in other settings as well, such as the Mass Vaccination clinics, which are up and running, or in hospital settings. We would encourage people to get their vaccine wherever they can, as soon as possible. Failing being called for our list, it is envisaged by the Government that all adults will be vaccinated by July, so people should also register with the online portal when your age is calle (see Please do not make representations to us if you do not fit in the HSE criteria, as you almost certainly will be displacing someone who does.

If you are a category 4 or 7 patient and have already been vaccinated elsewhere it would be very helpful to us if you informed us of that, and you can use the same email address ( to do that. Please put – “Already Vaccinated” in the header.

For General Practice questions, as before, please use


All Patients coming to the Slievemore General Practice for vaccination should read relevant information about the vaccine, its contra-indications and protocols for delivering it, prior to getting a vaccination appointment. This is available here.


Further information is available on the HSE website Helpful links include are the following :

COVID-19 vaccine – – Provisional Vaccine Allocation Groups (

Online booking is currently suspended.

***For People who have received an Invitation Code by TXT or email, you can complete your booking through the link at the bottom of the Covid Information and Consent page. If You have difficult with this, please contact reception. We regret we cannot facilitate anyone who has not received an Invitationthough qualifying people can continue to self-identify for future clinics as below. 

Click this link to access that page :-

Covid Information and Consent page

Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information and material contained on this page, errors or omissions may occur in the content. We reserve the right to update this page as new information emerges.